Planning and Insight

This page provides a variety of interview questions and topics for different job roles, including research scientist, back office admin, continuous improvement specialist, customer service representative, manager, MI analyst, and Power BI developer. The page includes both general questions and questions specific to each job role, covering topics such as experience, skills, responsibilities, and problem-solving abilities.


Question Sets

Back Office Admin

BI Focused Questions

Continuous Improvement Questions

Customer Service Questions

Head of Digital

Head of Operations

Managerial Questions

MI Analysts Questions

Performance Analyst

Power BI Developer Questions

Quality Manager (Contact Centre)

Resource Planning Manager

Resource Planner Questions

Targeted Question Types (Stakeholder, Start Up etc)

Additional - The Basics

Additional - Generic Questions

Training and Implementation

Creating an Interview Action Plan

  1. Before the Interview:

  2. During the Interview:

  3. After the Interview:

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